Do we need to pay a deposit?

Unless you're a corporate booking looking to have us come in during the day when we're closed, the answer is no

you don't need to pay a deposit.

If we don't need to pay a deposit why does the booking page tell me I owe "X" amount of dollars?

The booking program is done through a third party. It's clumsy wording. Just ignore it. We only take payment when you arrive. 

What do we do if we have to cancel?

You can email us or call us during the hours we are open. Because we don't take payments online we don't penalize you for cancelling. It would be nice if you could let us know asap though, that way we can open the room back up!

How long are your rooms?

They are a full hour unless stated otherwise.

Do we really get free admission to Unplugged? 

Yes you get free admission. You can come early and play games, do the escape room and then go right back to gaming after your time is up. 

Do you do kid's birthdays?

Yes, we have a kid's room and we can lock away the presents for the kids to have to hunt and find! How fun is that|?


Phone 506-206-6500

418 Queen Street Fredericton, NB


Sunday        12pm -10pm

Mon/Thurs    5pm  -10pm

Saturday      12pm -11 pm

Friday            5pm  -11pm