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Corporate Booking

Has team building become mundane for you and your co-workers? Are you looking for something different to do with your workforce?  Do you want to be the office hero? Why not try our escape rooms? Finally and most importantly how many question marks are in this paragraph?

Extras for meetings

Why choose escape rooms?

Our rooms are designed so that people have to work together in order to escape. This encourages, communication, critical thinking and team bonding. Managers can see how well their teams work under pressure,who can think outside the box to solve problems and who steps up to be a leader!

More than just escape rooms

Besides our three escape rooms we also have our cafe Unplugged downstairs. Our cafe is not open during the weekdays so your team would have complete privacy to have meetings and play social games for even more team exercises. 


Want to have everything done in one location? We also have a kitchen that can provide lunch! Check out our menu here.

Will you open up for us during the weekday?

Yes we will open up our doors just for your organization during the day. The exception to this is when we are already open during the day. Eg. summer and holiday hours.

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